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  • Boulard


    It took seven years of hard work and patience for the Cellar Master to craft the Boulard Extra, with painstaking selection and blending of the oldest and most elegant vintages found in our special Calvados reserve.

    Discover a Calvados with a delicate nose, light and impeccably refined… rich aromas, with a generous bouquet of ripe fruit and sweet apples…and a long, elegant flavour with prominent floral notes!

    Nose :
    Elegant, well-balanced and mature
    A sense of lightness from the fruity flavours, backed with floral notes including violet
    Vanilla, sweet almonds

    Taste :
    A full but sweet opening
    Explosion of intense, fruity flavour
    Great length of flavour and an aromatic finish

  • Janneau VSOP


    Symbolic of the Janneau house style, the VSOP is a perfect blend of carefully selected eaux-de-vie, some matured for up to 20 years in new oak casks in our ancient cellars.

    The VSOP is a blend of spirits distilled from white wines from the Baco grape, Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche grape varieties, produced in the two main areas of the Appellation Controlée: Bas Armagnac and Tenaréze.

    It is also a combination of two different types of distillation: a double distillation in pot stills, specific to Janneau and a single distillation in a continuous still.

    Tasting Experience: Bright amber colour. Aromas of dried lilac, honey, figs, and toasted nuts follow through on a lively, tangy entry to a fruity-yet-dry medium-to-full body with white chocolate and caramel notes. Finishes with a lingering honeyed golden raisin toasted and spice fade. A delicious appetizing Armagnac that will be great on its own, in cocktails, or even with food.

  • Janneau Napoleon


    Napoleon is a blend of spirits distilled from the Ugni Blanc and Baco grape varieties produced in the two main wine areas of the Appellation Contrôlée: Bas Armagnac and Tenarèze.

    It is also a combination of two different types of distillation: a double distillation in pot stills (alambics) which is predominent, and a single distillation in continuous stills, used in small part.

    Tasting Experience:
    Perfumed, smoky nose, prunes and vanilla with faint crushed mint leaves.
    The palate is smooth and well balanced, with prune, vanilla, stone fruits. Spice emerges in the long finish.
    Slightly more aromatic, sweeter and darker than the VSOP.

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