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  • Farmer's Nut Mix


    Hazelnut Free

    This crunchy mix of select nuts is ideal for people who suffer from a hazelnut allergy because this product does not contain hazelnuts, nor does it contain peanuts. Instead, it is a special selection of our finest kernels, including Spanish almonds.

  • Farmer's Cashews


    Cashews differ in size, color, texture, and taste according to their country of origin. Most of the times they have a smell that is similar to eggshells, and are relatively low in fat compared to other nuts. Botanically, they belong to the drupes family and are therefore not “real” nuts.

  • Farmer's Cranberries

    Berry Fruits

    Our fruity and refreshing cranberries from Canada are especially popular due to their high levels of antioxidants and vitamins and their high fiber content. The whole, juicy "power berries" are true energy boosters! Salad dressings with cranberries are becoming ever more popular, offering a tasty and optical delight!

  • Farmer's Roasted Mix


    Roasting nuts further refines their flavor. Our luxury nut mix with peanuts is, of course, hazelnut-free and contains exclusive high quality nuts. This mix can be contained in a 350 g package - absoluty perfect for families.

  • Farmer's Trail Mix


    Our Trail Mix – Easy to go: fast energy supply in a handy size manufactured to the high Farmer’s Snack standard.

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